We announced this with lots of comments in May of this year. The only concern I have is the brand specific reference to Digium. May 1, at I have never had an issue with the company. They are available for download from downloads. You can load more than one set of tones into an interface to allow you to generate tones from different zones by giving a comma-separated list of two letter country codes.

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May 23, at 5: This will be the final release of Zaptel made from the 1. Before you can use your new interface card, you need device drivers.

Likewise the version of zaptel-source in Sarge. For Australian users, who have Caller ID enabled and Distinctive Ringyou might find that asterisk cannot detect your distinctive ring. Subscribe Enter your email address: May 22, at Philipp von Klitzing says: July zsptel, at 9: This is just a ploy to reinvent the wheel a third time so that hard working users like myself have to rewrite all their dialplan and learn a new api it will obviously be slight similar, but different to an extent that it is completely different.


Zaptel project being renamed to DAHDI

May 21, zapgel Customer Reviews I have been using Zap Tel for a number of years. Try loading the kernel module that is required by your interface card. Now for a Linux 2.

The settings in your indications. If your nation or zapte, uses different tones, please help by providing updated zone data. If you have fxo then change the signalling.

May 20, at 9: For a full list of changes, see the ChangeLog:. June 18, at If you forget this you will always get the error message: Which I do not consider acceptable. Apparently the only way you can find out which numbers to use is to enable distinctive ring detection and then enter the Asterisk console in verbose mode. Anyway, marketing and VCapital invesors do what they want with the api name and other things.

These drivers, in turn, provide the ability to use interface cards to connect your PBX to traditional digital and analog telephone equipment: Well The Change in Name surely craves a way for Digium to eliminate the issue of Trademark and concentrate more on Simplifying the Setup process even More with the Issue of Backward Compatibility as they have mentioned.


That is what this page is all about. The Zap channel module can be configured to detect up to three different distinctive ring styles in addition to your normal ring pattern.

Zaptel project being renamed to DAHDI – Inside the Asterisk

Hi, Is there any performance wise improvement in the new version or the name only changed? Having had to go through this in the past you have my complete sympathy.

Only after it has done that will it ring your handsets. Apparently it assumes that if your telco provides distinctive ring, you must also be getting caller ID, which is of course an invalid assumption.

Asterisk CentOS-4.0 Zaptel

As it is it is not useful enough. These releases are to correct an error in the install target in the Makefile of the 1.

Support for Linux 2.