By using our shop you agree to the use of cookies. It’s at the point where the USB2 driver is working and the Starizona software communicates perfectly with the hand controller. The purpose of the AF routine is to maintain a good focus but not to get that initial good focus — especially when the camera is seriously out of focus to begin with. Powered by vBulletin Version 3. Solar DDoptics Dew Not..

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TSX has the ability currently under testing to generate a temperature compensation curve and then adjust the focuser position in software accordingly. Go to the View tab. Or should I be making these changes in the equipment profile?

If there is exist. I have smart focus enabled and never had any issues, but I never had the focus fail where the smart focus needed to kick in. The hand control features an LCD screen for displaying a digital readout of focus position as well as information used for programming the temperature compensation feature. It worked like a champ!! Before install, make sure you have a privileged as administrator.

Below is the link you can download and try it. Unless you need this full-function program or the multiple drivers, use the basic driver listed above. There’s another method that’s a bit more focuser-independant. There’s also a 64bit Microtouch Focuser installer Link at the bottom om this page http: TheSkyX wouldn’t interfere with this functionality.


Focuser Drivers

This lets TSX implement compensation on ANY motorized focuser, not just those that have compensation built into the driver. This shop uses cookies that are necessary for its correct function and, if necessary, also uses cookies from third party providers. Find all posts by popkrab. Also, setup the number of data asclm to be 9.

It’s at the point where the USB2 driver is working and the Starizona software communicates perfectly with the hand controller. I have several profiles for my different asdom and cameras I use. Please note that part which is a small brass bushing is needed when ordering this motor for the stock Astro Tech focusers. Please note that only latin characters, numbers and asom special characters can be entered. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Microtouch Focuser

I believe a step size of 10 is to small. Once you have things setup mciro can then save the generic sequence as a profile. This driver provides combined telescope, focuser, and dome interfaces each of which may be used by separate programs. The MicroTouch auto telescope focuser has been completely updated. Installs a driver for the Astro-Physics series of telescope mounts.


Using SGP with Starizona Microtouch and Feathertoucch – Auto Focus – Main Sequence Software

Lechner Electric Leica Binoculars and Spot. Software Bisque will be closed through January 2nd, Included is FocusMax software to automatically focus the telescope for imaging. I even tried renaming the driver to MicroTouch. While doing this initial setup, point your scope somewhere near the zenith at a star field that is free of nebulosity so the AF routine has a clean star field to work on.

This driver has the ability to create several drivers giving the ability to control multiple focusers on the same system. I would try increasing your step size to maybe or to see if you can improve that ratio to maybe 3. Cookies are small text objects that are exchanged between browser and web server in encrypted form. Fovuser for your reply.