Black Ops 48 Configurations with Core i5 are also available — and don’t cost so much more: We halve the price and test the Fujitsu Lifebook AH after. The maintenance covers are on the bottom. Solid all-rounder with a weakness for games. Frontal view, sun from the back. The fan’s noise varies in intervals from

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The system reaches the maximum rate of 70 watts during the stress test, in which Prime95 and Furmark are executed simultaneously. Bluetooth Interface Configuration 1. Serial Driver Installation 1.

Thus users will have to struggle with reflections in unfavorable ambient light conditions. The power adapter of grams performs with 80 watts. High details in the native HD resolution run almost smoothly. Black Ops 48 Our AH continues this and ends up with 41 fps.

Remember to select and observe the proper settings for the paper size and length 1. Not a bad price for a Their midrange-heavy, undifferentiated sound without a touch of bass is only suitable for music playing to an extent. However, the surrounding areas are a lot cooler, fujirsu pushes the average down to 34 degrees.


Fujitsu LifeBook AH ” Notebook Computer FPCR

Viewing problems first turn up when five pairs of eyes look at the screen at the same time. The AH’s i5 alternative wouldn’t supply a noticeable gaming advantage in this case, either.

However, this luminosity isn’t of much help outdoors. The lid is kept firmly in position by very tightly pulled hinges. What’s the keyboard’s typing feel like? fujirsu

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK AH531 laptop Bluetooth device drivers

Desktop performance for Windows Aero. The AH doesn’t have to hide with its battery life of 4: This is regrettable for use on the desk because all cables gather on the visible sides. So, almost as many as the currently strongest i3 processor, M The fan partly doesn’t run at all while surfing, writing emails or typing in Vujitsu idle periods. However, it’s the price that is important in the end.

Disk data transfer rate. The base unit’s stability and the tight hinges are exemplary. The shooter isn’t as demanding on the weak hardware as the first games.


We don’t measure a temperature higher than 31 degrees Celsius on the wrist-rest after the stress test for processor and graphics card.

Bluetooth Configuration Guide – Fujitsu United States

The rates were hardly ever below 30 fps during the test sequence in the single player mission. The display’s vertical viewing angles are very tight with the usual 15 degrees. The test games only showed marginal improvements with the GT M and stronger i5 or i7 processor. The keyboard supplies office workers with a solid basis, although the touchpad’s keys are stiff.

However, you should always have a polishing cloth at hand for the fingerprints on the wrist-rest and lid. It sooner relies on a certain roundness and a lot of high-gloss. Bad Company 2 A light guides your finger in the dark.